• How to Know if your Brake Rotors Need to be Replaced

    Friday 21 July 2017

    When driving down the road, have you ever felt your wheel shake, wobble, or pulsate? If so, this would be an indication of your rotors are needing to be replaced.  The shaking sensation is because the brake rotors are worn out and warped. Brakes and rotors are an essential part of your car because they will stop your car when needed.  Without proper maintenance and repair, your car can have issues causing you and your family members to be placed in harm for brake failure.  So, if... read more

  • How to Maintain the Brakes on an Import Vehicle

    Thursday 20 April 2017

    The brake system is one of the most important mechanisms in your car. Some would even say it is the most important mechanism, and rightfully so! The brakes on your import car play a major role in keeping you and your family safe on the road. Because of this, it is important that you maintain them to make sure they are functioning properly at all times. Here are three main keys to maintaining the breaks on your import vehicle. Check Your Brake Fluid Checking that your brake fluid is at an appro... read more

  • Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oil: Which oil change is better for my car?

    Friday 17 February 2017

    When owning or leasing a car, it is import to make sure that your car is well maintained for efficiency.  However, when doing so, many common question always comes up:  When should I change my oil?  Do I really need to change it every 3,000 miles or 5,000 miles?  I’ve heard people change it every 10,000 miles?  With all those unanswered questions, no wonder why there is a confusion.  There are two different types of motor oil: conventional and synthetic. ... read more

  • 8 Fun Facts About Acura Cars

    Friday 18 December 2015

    Think you know everything there is to know about Acura cars? We put together some fun and interesting facts about the Acura brand. Check it out below! 8 Interesting Facts About Acura Cars #1 – Acura as an ‘Everyday Supercar’ The Acura NSX or the ‘New Sports eXperimental’ was the world’s first car that was produced completely with aluminum and was billed as the ‘Everyday Supercar’. #2 – First Japanese Luxury Car Cr... read more

  • 15 Interesting Facts About Audi Cars

    Thursday 05 November 2015

    Since it was founded in 1909, Audi has become a household name, representing luxury vehicles throughout the world. But just how much do you really know about the Audi brand? We’ve scoured the Internet to bring you some interesting facts about Audi. Take a look! About Audi: A Brief History The history of the Audi brand dates back to 1899 when German engineer, August Horch, founded Horch & Cie. in Cologne, Germany. The first Horch automobile was built in 1901. After... read more