3 Easy & Essential Maintenance Services for Your Audi

You love your car. More than just something that gets you from point A to point B, your Audi is comfortable, luxurious, and genuinely fun to drive. We know you want it to stay this way, too, which is why our Audi repair shop is sharing five easy maintenance tips you can’t afford to skip.

Check Your Oil and Change It Regularly

We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you check your oil regularly and get it changed around every 5,000 miles. Driving a car with little to no oil is a recipe for disaster, as, without proper lubrication, the engine parts will seize up, and the engine will basically be ruined. Dirty oil, full of particulate and dirt, can also wear out an engine quickly, causing expensive and extensive damage. 


Instead of relying on your oil light to let you know if you’ve got a problem, take a few minutes once every few weeks to check the amount and condition of your oil. If it’s low, looks muddy brown, or feels gritty, take it to an import repair shop to get the oil changed immediately. 

Pay Attention to Your Brakes

Your brakes should always be operating at 100 percent. Think about this - if they seem a little soft or you need to put a bit more pressure on them to stop when you’re driving a dry road, imagine trying to stop or slow down on the highway in the rain. Being low on brake fluid can cause your car to pull to one side while slowing or stopping and discs that are wearing out can lead to pricey rotor replacement. 


When you check your oil, be sure to check your brake fluid by opening the top of the reservoir and making sure the fluid is within a half-inch or so of the cap. If you notice the color is dark, you should have it changed by a certified technician. 


To check the discs, you can do a quick check by looking between spokes of the wheel and looking at the brake pads. You should see a minimum of a quarter-inch of pad against the disc. A more intensive look, if you hear squeaking involves jacking up the car and taking the front wheel off. From there, you can see if there’s rust, etching, or uneven wear on the brake pads or scratching on the rotors. 

Check Your Tire Pressure and Tread

In your Audi’s owner manual will be the recommended tire pressure for your car. Keeping your tires at that level will make sure they grip the road optimally, ensuring a safer, smoother drive, extending the life of your tires, and helping your car operate at maximum fuel efficiency. Check your tire pressure with a simple, manual gauge when you do your other maintenance, and especially when there are drastic changes in temperature, which can affect air pressure. 


To check your tire’s tread, place a penny upside down (as in Lincoln’s head is upside down) in your tire’s tread groove, and kneel down to where you’re looking directly at the penny. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, this means you have less than 1/16th of an inch of tread and it’s time to get them replaced.  

Bring Your Car to Our Audi Repair Shop for Maintenance

In addition to the simple maintenance tips we’ve outlined here, your Audi should also be inspected annually to make sure it’s in excellent condition - belts and hoses aren’t showing signs of wear, the AC system is operating as it should, and other preventative maintenance should be done. Doing this will maximize the life of your car and the enjoyment you get out of driving it. To schedule a time to bring your vehicle in for maintenance, fill out the form below or give us a call at (919) 324-3019.


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