Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oil: Which oil change is better for my car?

When owning or leasing a car, it is import to make sure that your car is well maintained for efficiency.  However, when doing so, many common question always comes up:  When should I change my oil?  Do I really need to change it every 3,000 miles or 5,000 miles?  I’ve heard people change it every 10,000 miles?  With all those unanswered questions, no wonder why there is a confusion. 

There are two different types of motor oil: conventional and synthetic.  Here is the break down on each.


When choosing a car oil for your car, you can choose a traditional, conventional motor oil.  Best for brand new cars or older cars, conventional motor oil is the go-to option when doing regular maintenance to your car.


Advanced Engineered Lubrication

Every car owner knows the importance of keeping your car well maintained for a longer car lifespan.  Using synthetic oil for your car can help keep that on-going maintenance because it has an improved lubricant that will help keep your engine parts slick, even under high temperatures.  By doing so, the slickness will decrease the long term wear and tear; making your engine last longer.

More Stable

Pre-engineered to be more resistant, synthetic motor oils are also more stable than conventional motor oil.  Due to the consistent molecular structure and purity of the base oil, synthetic engine oils are more stable and resist aging while creating less deposits.  In some cases, synthetic motor oil can actually remove existing deposits.

Harder to Breakdown

One of the biggest advantages of a synthetic motor oil is being an advanced, engineered lubricant that can help increase the overall lifespan of your engine.  As motor oil runs through your engine, some of the essences and additive components can cut in half, ultimately thinning the oil. Full synthetic oils, on the other hand, can resist the high temperatures, maintain the higher viscosity levels, enabling it to be a better protectant against cracking.

Less Deposits

Unlike conventional motor oil that can break down and leave residue, synthetic motor oil is more resistant to higher temperature and pressure; therefore, it is less likely to leave unwanted residue in your engine.  This residue, often referred to “sludge” or “scaling”, is unwanted deposits that will stick to the different parts of the engine, which can cause it to work less efficiently.

When it comes down to it. Oil changes are a regular part of any kind of car maintenance. Choosing the right one is up to you and your manufacturer.  Before thinking about what option is best for you, you should refer to your owner’s manual.

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