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Essential Car Maintenance Checklist

No matter the season, keeping up with your auto maintenance services is the easiest way to improve the life and function of your automobile, but still, there are those that procrastinate and puts them off. Month after month, if you put off these essential car maintenance services, you may increase your chances of needing expensive auto repair in Raleigh. In order to save time and money on car repair, and keep your vehicle reliable and dependable, keep up with this simple and essential car maintenance services checklist: 1. Check your oil and get an oil change. Always make sure you have enough motor oil in your car because it keeps your engine lubricated and running smoothly. Having no oil – or dirty oil – is extremely detrimental to your car’s engine, and wears it out very quickly. Checking your oil level before going on a long road trip, and taking your car to an auto repair professional in Raleigh to get an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles ... read more


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How to Extend the Life of Your Tires

There is nothing worse than experiencing a blown tire, especially when it leaves you stranded on the highway. Not only does this cost you valuable time, but also a lot of money. As most are already aware of, dealing with tire troubles is certainly not the cheapest, as purchasing new tires can leave a significant dent in your wallet. However, there are fortunately some ways you can avoid tire issues and save money with simple, regular maintenance.
Proper Tire Maintenance Here’s how to maintain your tires to keep them running for longer periods of time and to prevent issues that can spur from unmaintained tires. Regularly Inspect Your Tires Starting with the basics, a simple step you can take in maintaining your tires is inspecting your tires on a regular basis. While you are washing your car or checking your tire pressure, simply perform a physical examination of your tires. Check for anything that could be problematic, such as cracks, bulges, and objects that may have bec
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What is Wrong With My Car?

It can be difficult at times to know when your car’s repair job can be easily done by yourself or when it is time to swallow your pride and call a professional and reliable Raleigh mechanic. You could save yourself a lot of time, money and trouble by getting it properly diagnosed early. Our reliable import vehicle technicians are here to help you in diagnosing potential vehicle malfunctions.Copy Should You Call a Mechanic? Is there an unpleasant Odor? If you have kids or pets it is quite normal to experience unwanted lingering smells throughout your vehicle. There are however some common smells that need to raise a red flag if you smell them. Burning Smell The smell of Engine Oil Gasoline Do you hear abnormal sounds from your car? Turn off your radio for a moment and listen…Give us a call If you hear some of these sounds from your car: Sound of Leaking Air Clicking Sounds Noises When Turning Left o ... read more

Why You Should Avoid Cranking Up the AC in Hot Weather in a Parked Car

  The interior of a car heats up quickly when it’s parked in the sun. Even under shade, with the windows rolled down a bit, or reflective windshield sunshades popped into place, the inside temperature rises quickly. On a sunny 70° day, the inside air of a vehicle can easily reach a whopping 100°+ degrees, all within a matter of minutes. Twenty minutes to be exact says the scientific table in the article, ‘Temperatures Rising in Enclosed Cars’ from the educational website, ThoughtCo. Imagine your car parked at a spot near the beach while you’re baking in the sun. How hot will the inside temperature be? Unbearable. All the while you’re dripping with sweat and waiting for that blast of cold air on your face. Throwing your wet beach towels on the seats barely takes the edge off. Blame the fast rise in car temperature on what’s a mini version of the greenhouse effect. How to Cool Off the Inside of a Hot Car No doubt, you want instant relie ... read more

Why Does My Car Need An Oil Change?

We have all been told that we “need” to get an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or when we reach the number of miles conveniently printed on our windshield sticker. But, most of us are not sure why doing so is important or what will happen if this task is left undone. In a previous post, we discussed which oil change is better for your car, but now we’ll further simplify this by discussing what exactly an oil change does to help your car. If you have ever wondered why oil changes are necessary, keep reading for answers. What Is an Oil Change? An oil change is exactly what it sounds like: it simply involves replacing the old motor oil in your car with new, fresh oil. This is done by draining the old, dirty oil, replacing the oil filter, and refilling the car with new oil. What Does An Oil Change Do For My Car? While it may sound like a simple, slightly unimportant task, regularly changing your oil is crucial for the well-being of your engine. Neglecting to rep ... read more


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