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How Often Should I Change the Brake Fluid in My Toyota?

How Often Should I Change the Brake Fluid in My Toyota?

When it comes to car maintenance, you know how important it is to have your oil changed to keep your engine running smoothly and why you need to rotate your tires regularly to keep them wearing evenly. But what about your brake maintenance, specifically how often should you change the brake fluid in your Toyota? To provide you with some clarity on the topic, our Toyota repair shop in Raleigh is sharing what you need to know. What Does Brake Fluid Do? First, why is brake fluid so important? Basically, this is a chemical solution used in a hydraulic brake system that won’t compress under pressure, so when you push the brake pedal, it pressurizes the fluid so that it multiplies the force you’re applying. Without it, even all your weight on the pedal wouldn’t be enough to bring your car to a full stop.    In order to be effective, brake fluid must have three qualities:  Proper viscosity so it ca ... read more




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