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Why You Should Avoid Cranking Up the AC in Hot Weather in a Parked Car

  The interior of a car heats up quickly when it’s parked in the sun. Even under shade, with the windows rolled down a bit, or reflective windshield sunshades popped into place, the inside temperature rises quickly. On a sunny 70° day, the inside air of a vehicle can easily reach a whopping 100°+ degrees, all within a matter of minutes. Twenty minutes to be exact says the scientific table in the article, ‘Temperatures Rising in Enclosed Cars’ from the educational website, ThoughtCo. Imagine your car parked at a spot near the beach while you’re baking in the sun. How hot will the inside temperature be? Unbearable. All the while you’re dripping with sweat and waiting for that blast of cold air on your face. Throwing your wet beach towels on the seats barely takes the edge off. Blame the fast rise in car temperature on what’s a mini version of the greenhouse effect. How to Cool Off the Inside of a Hot Car No doubt, you want instant relie ... read more


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