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8 Fun Facts About Acura Cars

8 Fun Facts About Acura Cars

Think you know everything there is to know about Acura cars? We put together some fun and interesting facts about the Acura brand. Check it out below! 8 Interesting Facts About Acura Cars #1 – Acura as an ‘Everyday Supercar’ The Acura NSX or the ‘New Sports eXperimental’ was the world’s first car that was produced completely with aluminum and was billed as the ‘Everyday Supercar’. #2 – First Japanese Luxury Car Created in 1986, Acura was the first Japanese luxury car brand to hit the market. #3 – Latin Origins The origin of the Acura name is derived from Latin — acu — defined as “done with precision” or “mechanically precise.” Originally, Honda pronounced the marque as “a-coor-uh,” but customers preferred “Ah-cure-uh” so the new name stuck. #4 – Honda Taps Into Foreign Luxury Market Wit ... read more


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