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Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oil: Which oil change is better for my car?

When owning or leasing a car, it is import to make sure that your car is well maintained for efficiency.  However, when doing so, many common question always comes up:  When should I change my oil?  Do I really need to change it every 3,000 miles or 5,000 miles?  I’ve heard people change it every 10,000 miles?  With all those unanswered questions, no wonder why there is a confusion.  There are two different types of motor oil: conventional and synthetic.  Here is the break down on each. Conventional When choosing a car oil for your car, you can choose a traditional, conventional motor oil.  Best for brand new cars or older cars, conventional motor oil is the go-to option when doing regular maintenance to your car. Synthetic Advanced Engineered Lubrication Every car owner knows the importance of keeping your car well maintained for a longer car lifespan.  Using synthetic oil for your car can help keep that on-going maintenance bec ... read more


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