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Simple Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Simple Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tips When it comes to winter, and the subsequent freezing temperatures, many individuals tend to neglect the thought of preparing their car. However, cold weather can certainly take a toll on your vehicle, prompting several negative effects that can dramatically decrease its lifespan. So, with the recent drop in temperatures in both North Carolina, and across the country in general, our Raleigh certified technicians thought it would be especially helpful to provide these 8 simple tips on protecting your vehicle from harsh temperatures. 1. Switch to Synthetic Oil Switching from conventional to synthetic oil (if it is appropriate for your car) is a helpful step to take in protecting your car from the freezing winter temperatures. This is because starting your car up in the cold weather is much easier on your engine when it is using synthetic oil. Synthetic oil flows more freely than conventional oil, meaning it does not need time to warm up and will ... read more


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