How to Know if your Brake Rotors Need to be Replaced

When driving down the road, have you ever felt your wheel shake, wobble, or pulsate? If so, this would be an indication of your rotors are needing to be replaced.  The shaking sensation is because the brake rotors are worn out and warped.

Brakes and rotors are an essential part of your car because they will stop your car when needed.  Without proper maintenance and repair, your car can have issues causing you and your family members to be placed in harm for brake failure.  So, if you feel the shaking sensation to your import car, here are a few ways to check if your brakes and rotors need to be replaced:

Hearing for Brake and Rotor Issues with your Ears

When driving, pay close attention to your car and its brakes.  As you’re driving on the road, your brakes will indicate they are needing to be replaced with a squeaking or squealing sound.  If this is something you hear, go ahead and make your way to see Reliable Import Service in Raleigh, NC, so they can professionally assess the situation.

Looking for Brake and Rotor issues with your Eyes

Looking to see if your brakes and rotors need repair seems like a professional job, but you can actually see them yourself.  Start by turning your steering wheel all the way to the left or right side to expose the contents inside the wheels.  Once this happens, you should be able to see the inside including the thickness of the brakes, which ¼ (one-fourth) of the brakes should be visible.  If it is any less than that, contact Reliable Import Service to get them replaced immediately.

Need your Import Car Brakes or Rotors replaced in Raleigh?

Reliable Import Services is a locally owned and operated Raleigh import car auto shop.  The skilled technicians are experienced and professionally certified to help you with all your import car needs including replacing brakes and rotors to ensure your vehicle is safe on the streets.  Call today to schedule an appointment. 


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