Pre-Car Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Are you in the market for a used car? That’s a big decision. Used cars are a great economical way to have the perks of a new car, but not at the same cost.

The biggest advantage of buying a used car is the original owner took a big chunk of the cost of depreciation. According to Trusted Choice, “The moment you drive your new car off the lot, it will depreciate by as much as 11 percent of its value. That means that if you purchase a $20,000 vehicle, it will lose as much as $2,200 in value just by the simple act of your driving it home.”

However, purchasing a used vehicle can have its own disadvantages. With a brand-new vehicle, you can know that the car has been manufactured and tested to be in working order, but with a used car, you don’t know the history of the vehicle. Therefore, like getting a pre-home inspection before buying a home, you should get a pre-car purchase inspection.

Why is a Pre-Car Purchase Inspection necessary?

Making a big purchase can be a big decision for anyone, but purchasing a used vehicle can be a little bit of a bigger decision because the buyer never knows the full detail of what happened to the car.  With an inspection, the certified technician will be able to give you an overview of the condition of the car to tell you if it is a purchase or not.

What is a Pre-Car Purchase Inspection?

Prior to purchasing the car, have the current owner bring in the car into the sheet, where the ASE certified technician will begin the process to give the car a top-to-bottom inspection.

Tire and Wheel Inspection

At first glance, the wheels can look nice, but looks can be deceiving. Our experienced technician will not only examine the tire but remove it and look behind it to see the open framework to see the vehicles’ listed options and equipment to see any visible wear and tear damages structure issues.

Interior Inspection

The naked eye can see a great looking car on the inside, but an inspection can ensure it is a great car.  Starting with the interior, the expert technician will inspect the car’s original indicated condition for seats, leather, upholstery, airbags, sound systems, horn, security, and power windows. 

Exterior Inspection

When it comes to a car, the aesthetic view is what made you fall in love with it, but you want to make sure that structure is in order. When someone sees your car, the first thing they see is the exterior. So, you want to make sure it is good to go.  Our experienced technician will look at the quality of the painting and compare it to the original condition, as well as, the headlines, trunk, locks, and doors.

Mechanical and Engine Inspection

The last and most import inspection are the mechanical aspect of the car.  It is what the car is all about.  On your test drive, you may feel the car is in top shape, but an inspection can reveal what’s really under the hood.

A qualified ASE technician will be able to go through the VIN and see the exacts specs that came with the vehicle, then do a complete examination of the vehicle to assure the engine, battery, belts, connections, coolant, oil levels, fluids, odometer dashboard, gas light, and other mechanics are up to standards.

Raleigh ASE Certified Pre-Car Purchase Experts

When it comes to a major purchase, don’t just rely on first glance.  Trust the ASE certified mechanics at Reliable Import Service in Raleigh, NC to certify the vehicle.

Reliable Import Service in Raleigh, NC offers Pre-Car Purchase Inspections to ensure that your purchase is a good purchase.  Contact us today at 919-821-1077 to schedule an appointment today


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