8 Symptoms of a Water Pump Failure in an Audi

When your Audi is not working properly you want to get it fixed as quickly as possible to avoid future damage and inconvenience. There could be several reasons why your car is not operating at its peak performance. One of those could be due to a water pump failure.


If your water pump is not working properly, you may need a water pump replacement. Knowing the signs that a problem is lurking will allow you to get the service you need promptly. 


We’re going to take a look at some of the signs of a water pump failure in an Audi so that you can spot them right away. We’ll also let you know how Reliable Import Service can repair and maintain your Audi and help with your water pump replacement.

What Does a Water Pump Do?

The water pump is a crucial part of your vehicle’s cooling system. It draws coolant from the radiator and pumps it through the engine. As the coolant makes its way through your Audi’s engine, it draws heat away from the engine and its parts. This works to keep them cool.


Once the coolant returns to the radiator, the radiator fan and outside air help to reduce the coolant’s temperature before it’s pushed through the engine again. 

Where is the Water Pump Located?

The water pump is installed at the front of the engine. It is always near the serpentine belt, timing belt, or timing chain since it is powered by one of them. 

How Long Does a Water Pump in an Audi Last?

A water pump in an Audi typically lasts for at least 100,000 miles. Of course, the wear and tear is going to differ from vehicle to vehicle, so you may find you need an Audi water pump replacement sooner.

8 Signs Your Water Pump is Failing in Your Audi

audi water pump replacement

Your Audi will give you little signs along the way that the water pump is not working properly. Look for these signs that could signal a problem.

Coolant Leaks

If you notice coolant leaking from your Audi, that’s a huge red flag that the water pump needs replacing. The coolant is stored inside the water pump using many gaskets and seals. If these parts wear out, loosen, or crack, radiator fluid will leak out of the front of your car toward the center. You can notice it pretty easily because it is usually green, orange, or red. You may also notice that any orange coolant has rust in it.


When the water pump can’t circulate coolant through your vehicle’s engine, the engine will overheat. The hotter the engine gets, the greater the chance of more serious damage to your Audi. This can include a cracked engine block and damage to:


  • Cylinders
  • Pistons
  • Head Gasket

To avoid this from happening, be aware of any overheating and get your Audi to a trusted professional at Reliable Import Service right away.


You should never see steam coming from your vehicle. If you notice steam coming from underneath your hood, there is certainly something wrong. When a water pump fails and needs replacing, it can not move coolant through the engine and leads to a hot engine that produces steam. 


If you notice your vehicle is too hot or you see steam coming from under the hood, do not drive your vehicle. Call the experts at Reliable Import Service so we can get to the bottom of the problem and make your Audi safe to drive once again.


Your water pump can become corroded if there is air seeping through a defective pressure cap, non-compatible or dirty engine coolant, or if there is mineral buildup. If your water pump is old, you may also experience corrosion. 


Look under the hood of your car and you may see rust or tiny holes on the pump’s exterior. If you notice this, you’ll want to get a water pump replacement as soon as possible. Damage from corrosion will prevent your  Audi from operating effectively.

Whining Noises

Any whining noises coming from the front of your vehicle’s engine could signal that you need to have your water pump replaced. The water pump uses a pulley or a belt and when the pulley is too loose, it can make a whining sound. The noise can also be caused by bearings that are worn inside the water pump’s motor.

The Heater Doesn’t Work

A water pump that is not providing the right coolant circulation can prevent the heater from working properly. If there is a low coolant level caused by a leaking water pump, it can result in a heater that doesn’t work.

Inconsistent Temperature Gauge Readings

If your water pump is not working properly it can cause the temperature needle to move from normal to hot and vice versa. A cooling system that is working properly will keep the temperature gauge within normal limits at all times.

Loose Axle

There is a timing belt that allows the water pump to turn and pump coolant. If the water pump axle gets worn out, it can lead to a loose belt. When this happens, you will need a water pump replacement. One of our technicians at Reliable Import Service can determine if this is the case and replace the water pump in your Audi so that it is safe to drive once again. 

Trust Reliable Import Service with Your Audi Water Pump Replacement

When you need to have the water pump replaced in your Audi, trust Reliable Import Service. We are the trusted source for Audi maintenance and repairs in the Raleigh area. We can take care of your Audi when a problem arises as well as for regularly scheduled maintenance.


Our team has the necessary experience to get the job done and get your Audi back on the road. Call us today at [phone] or reach out to us online to schedule an appointment



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