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What Does Restricted Performance Mean on My Jaguar?

What Does Restricted Performance Mean on My Jaguar? Jaguars exude class, craftsmanship, and confidence, and they’re known for blending classic style with power and performance. So, when you see the “restricted performance” signal on the dash come on while you’re driving, you feel like you got a punch to the gut.  Of course, not all signal lights mean the same thing. “Check engine” is certainly more concerning than “low fuel,” but what about “restricted performance?” Is it an immediate emergency or a simple fix? Our import repair shop in Raleigh is providing a closer look at what this warning means, what causes it, and what you need to do if you see it.  What Does “Restricted Performance” Mean? Primarily seen on S-type and XJ-Series Jaguars, when the restricted performance error message lights up, it means the engine management system has determined a problem. Often this happens either at a cold start o ... read more


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