What Does Restricted Performance Mean on My Jaguar?

What Does Restricted Performance Mean on My Jaguar?

Jaguars exude class, craftsmanship, and confidence, and they’re known for blending classic style with power and performance. So, when you see the “restricted performance” signal on the dash come on while you’re driving, you feel like you got a punch to the gut. 

Of course, not all signal lights mean the same thing. “Check engine” is certainly more concerning than “low fuel,” but what about “restricted performance?” Is it an immediate emergency or a simple fix? Our import repair shop in Raleigh is providing a closer look at what this warning means, what causes it, and what you need to do if you see it. 

What Does “Restricted Performance” Mean?

Primarily seen on S-type and XJ-Series Jaguars, when the restricted performance error message lights up, it means the engine management system has determined a problem. Often this happens either at a cold start or while accelerating, and when it happens, the engine management system then throttles the engine, cutting back on performance in order to protect the vehicle. You’ll most likely cap out at 1800-2000 RPM when trying to accelerate. 

Common Causes of Restricted Performance 

So, now that you know your car is sensing a problem, you need to get to the bottom of what’s causing the restricted performance signal on your Jaguar. The best way to really know for sure is to take it to a mechanic who specializes in imports, namely Jaguars, and have them hook it up to a diagnostic scanner. Once they know the exact source of the problem, they can get to the bottom of fixing it so you can be back at max performance sooner rather than later. 


There are a few likely causes to why this error message came on, including:  


- An issue with the catalytic converter that turns controls exhaust emission and minimizes toxic fumes;

- Fuel system problem, including a clog in the fuel line or an issue with the pump.

- Air intake issues, such as leaks in the air flow, mass airflow problems, intercooler hoses, or throttle body housing;


Some of these are very simple fixes, such as the breather hose disconnecting from the throttle body, or a leaking hose that needs to be replaced. In some cases, such as a problem with the turbo turbine inlet valve, you’re looking at a more complicated repair.

Diagnosing Your Jaguar

Before you take it in to an import mechanic, there are some DIY solutions that may fix the issue.Take care to check:


- Air intake box or air filter housing, and check for cracks and make sure the clasps are fastened properly.

- Breather hose from the engine that crosses the intake pipe to be sure it’s secure and attached;

- Mass airflow sensor after the air intake box. Carefully clean it and verify the wiring harness is fastened;

- O-ring seals around the oil dipstick and breather hoses between the engine and firewall;


If the car doesn’t start at all, the problem may be an issue with the fuel line or pump.

Clearing the Restricted Performance Error Message

In some cases, the simple “turning it off and on again” method may do the trick. If you can, pull the car into a parking lot or other safe location and turn it off. Give it two or three minutes, then switch on the ignition, but don’t turn the key all the way. Wait until the lights have gone off (except for the four that stay on all times). Then start the car. 


If this doesn’t take care of the problem, it’s important to drive the car as little as possible until you can get to the root of the problem and take care of it. 

Contact Our Jaguar Repair Center in Raleigh

Getting a restricted performance signal can be challenging simply because there are so many things that could trigger it. To make sure the issue is fixed properly, schedule a time to bring your Jaguar into our import repair business. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to troubleshoot the problem, fix it, and get your car back on the road in no time.Schedule an appointment today by calling us at 919-324-3019 or fill out our contact form.  



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