Why Should I Service My Car Regularly?

Why Should I Service My Car Regularly?


Nowadays, thanks to useful car technology, most modern vehicles will promptly inform you when your car needs to be serviced with a bright indicator on your dashboard. However, most individuals have certainly ignored this at least a few times. After all, is regular service actually mandatory?


The answer to this question is yes; regularly servicing your car is extremely important. Here’s why this is and how often you should take your car in to be serviced.

The Benefits of Regular Service

Basically, going to get your car serviced regularly is like going in for a regular checkup with your doctor. Just as these checkups are important to maintaining your health and preventing any health issues, getting your car serviced regularly is crucial to keeping your car “healthy.”


It extends the lifespan of your car, prevents issues that can put significant dents in your wallet, and ensures that your car is safe to drive at all times. Regular maintenance is essentially the key difference between a car that operates perfectly and efficiently, and one that threatens to break down at any moment with a major repair at hand. So, ultimately, you should service your car because it saves you time, money, and stress. Not to mention, regular maintenance can maintain your car’s value and will show up on your car’s history, which is extremely useful when it comes time to sell it.


Generally, there’s a section in your car manual that details how often your individual car needs to be serviced and what particular services should be carried out. However, typically, you’ll need one of the following two services.

Interim Service

Interim service involves basic general maintenance procedures, specifically 35 different actions. Usually, it checks and corrects levels of fluids, such as brake fluid, windscreen washer, and anti-freeze coolant, changes your engine oil and oil filter, checks and corrects your tire pressure, and completes other similar actions. It can also include more advanced procedures, such as the topping off of your clutch and power steering fluid. An interim service also inspects different parts of your vehicle to ensure that they are properly functioning.

Full Service

A full service is essentially a more in-depth interim service that includes 61 main action points. It includes everything involved in an interim service and some additional inspections, top offs, and changes. Some of these additional maintenance components involve changing your air filter, checking your gearbox and catch fluid, and inspecting your battery. A full service also covers the inspection and changing of your spark plugs, if necessary, as well as an overall, more detailed health inspection.

Do I Need a Full Service or Interim Service?


Your car’s handbook should outline which form of service you need at what time. However, the general rule of thumb suggests that an interim service is required every 6,000 miles / 6 months, and a full service is required every 12,000 miles / 12 months. Or, for cars that routinely drive long hours, full services are recommended, while interim services are recommended for cars that normally travel shorter distances and are not used as frequently. However, as mentioned before, your vehicle’s handbook should cover how often your car needs to be serviced, as well as what specific service needs to be done.

What Happens if I Don’t Service My Car Regularly?

Failing to regularly service your car opens the door for many different issues to occur, both small and severe alike. From reduced fuel efficiency to major mechanical failure, your car is put at a significant risk each day that it operates without its scheduled service. Not to mention, this decreases the lifespan of your car and increases the wear on the internal components. So, while it may seem like regular service is unnecessary, the lack of maintenance certainly adds up to make your car reach the end of its lifespan much sooner than expected.


Let Our Certified Technicians Service Your Car Today!

Not only is it important to service your car regularly, but it’s also important to entrust your car’s maintenance to the right team of professionals. For over 30 years, our Raleigh certified car technicians at Reliable Import Service have been providing exceptional services to our clients that keep their vehicles in tip-top shape, and we can certainly do the same for you. For all of your maintenance needs, look no further than our experienced maintenance professionals. Schedule your appointment today by calling (919) 324-3019 or by completing our online contact form.


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