BMW Maintenance in Raleigh

BMW Maintenance in Raleigh

For generations, BMW has built high-quality, top-performing cars with sport, style, and luxury. However, despite its superior manufacturing, your BMW will still need regular maintenance and the occasional repair to keep it performing well.  To keep your BMW performing its best, don’t take it to just any mechanic. Instead, bring your car to one of the most highly skilled automotive shops in BMW repair: Reliable Import Service in Raleigh, NC.

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BMW Services & Repair from seasoned Technicians

When your beloved BMW needs repair or service, you want to make sure it's being treated with care and attention from a technician who knows the ins and outs of BMW vehicles. As one of your most prized possessions, its highly important that your vehicle is diagnosed and repaired correctly so that it can continue to run efficiently and safely for years to come. That's where the team at Reliable Import Service in Raleigh, NC comes in to play.


BMW owners in Raleigh think of us for their cars' care. Why? Our technicians are National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE, certified and have decades of combined experience in BMW repair, services, and maintenance. They're fully prepared to handle a wide range of BMW services, from oil changes and tune-ups, to complex diagnostics and transmissions repair. Below is a list of maintenance and services that we provide. If you do not see something in the list that you need done for your BMW, please give us a call. 

BMW Services We Provide

BMW Engine Issues 

There are numerous engine issues known to arise on E46, E39, E90, and F-Series models including:

DISA Valves

DISA valves are also referred to as differentiated intakes. These valves have been known to disburse engine material into adjacent engine compartments. When these engine materials are distributed throughout the engine bay, the engine itself can seize up leaving the vehicle undrivable. 

Oil Filter Housing Gasket 

These gaskets are known to leak because BMW engines run a bit hotter than other manufacturers' engines. If your BMW is leaking fluid onto the ground where the vehicle is parked, there is a high likelihood that your oil filter housing needs to be replaced! 

PCV Valves

Positive crankcase ventilation valves, or PCV valves, can cause extensive oil leakage and drastically decreased acceleration. If you notice your BMW performing sluggishly, let us take a look! 

Ignition Coils

Faulty ignition coils cause cylinder misfires and an extreme delay in acceleration. We highly recommend replacing faulty ignition coils as soon as possible in order to avoid costly issues down the road such as catalytic converter damage. 


Reliable Import Service can provide our vehicle services and maintenance on any of the following BMW models. If your model is not on this list, please contact us directly at (919) 324-3019.

  • BMW E52 Z8
  • BMW E65 7 Series
  • BMW E85 Z4
  • BMW E60 5 Series
  • BMW E63 6 Series
  • BMW E83 X3
  • BMW E87 1 Series
  • BMW E90 3 Series
  • BMW E70 X5
  • BMW E71 X6
  • BMW F01 7 Series
  • BMW E89 Z4
  • BMW E84 X1
  • BMW F06 6 Series
  • BMW F12/F13 6 Series
  • BMW F10 5 Series
  • BMW F25 X3
  • BMW F20 1 Series
  • BMW F30 3 Series
  • BMW I01 i3
  • BMW F32 4 Series
  • BMW F22 2 Series
  • BMW F15 X5
  • BMW F45 2 Series
  • BMW I12 i8
  • BMW F26 X4
  • BMW F16 X6
  • BMW F48 X1
  • BMW G11 7 Series
  • BMW G30 5 Series
  • BMW G32 6 Series
  • BMW F39 X2
  • BMW G01 X3
  • BMW G02 X4
  • BMW G05 X5
  • BMW G15 8 Series
  • BMW G29 Z4
  • BMW G20 3 Series
  • BMW F40 1 Series


Top Rated BMW Auto Shop in Raleigh

We take pride in providing an inviting car repair experience for our customers. Custom convenience and support has been our key to success, our new and existing customers can attest to that. We provide a comfortable and clean waiting area with magazines, a TV, FREE refreshments, and high speed WiFi internet for your convenience. 


Not only do we provide excellent service in the shop, we also offer a free, local shuttle service to help you get to where you need to go while your BMW is being serviced at our auto shop. Keeping up with your BMW's maintenance schedule doesn't have to be difficult, we are here to help! 

ASE Certified

ASE Certified technicians are who we offer at Reliable Import Service because they have successfully completed rigorous training and testing to ensure that they are highly proficient in providing top-quality auto services. This, in tandem with years of hands-on experience working on BMW's, makes them a reliable choice for top-notch service and repairs. We utilize the most up-to-date diagnostic tools and equipment to assess and work on all years and models of BMW's. Stop in our auto shop to see why our customers have rated us 5-stars and why we lead the BMW maintenance shops in Raleigh.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-purchase inspections (otherwise known as PPI's), help eliminate potential inconveniences and setbacks by bringing overlooked issues to light before a party purchases the vehicle. Some common examples of what we find when executing PPI's are revealing frame, engine, and transmission wear, suspension bushing and strut issues, and electrical issues that have been neglected over extensive periods of time. 

All Our Automotive Services Come with a 2 Year/24,000 Mile Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of auto repairs that we bring to our customers that we even provide a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty for every automotive service. Our warranty not only represents the level of service that we provide; it serves to help you be confident you're receiving top quality repairs that last.


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