Raleigh Brake Repair

Raleigh Brake Repair

When it comes to brake service and brake repair, Reliable Import Service has you covered. As one of the leading import auto repair shops in Raleigh for import cars, customers travel from all over the Triangle because we possess the expertise, experience, tools, and professional team to properly diagnose and repair any issue you may be experiencing with your brakes.

With a special focus on auto repair for import vehicles, we offer a variety of brake services and brake repair options, ranging from brake calipers to brake hoses, anti-lock brake systems, and more. Check out some of the brake services we offer below. Along with that, we also offer several other import car services such as AC repair, electrical repair, clutch repair, engine repair, and more! 


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Replacing Brake Pads

Are the brakes on your import car squeaking? Do you hear a squealing noise every time you apply your brakes? It may be time to have your brakes replaced or repaired. Often, when you hear squealing noises, it’s the result of metal grinding against metal. Don’t ignore this! You could be doing irreparable harm to your rotors or drums. The only way to know for sure what is going on is to bring your vehicle in so that our team of professionals can take a look at your vehicle.

Brake Service and Brake Repair in RaleighBrake Rotor Replacement

As part of your vehicle’s brake system, your rotors are attached to your import vehicle’s wheels; they aid in bringing your vehicle to a stop when the brake pads grip the rotor. Like most things, the rotors can become worn down over time. You may notice a grinding sound when you apply your brakes, or you may notice that your import vehicle vibrates or pulses when you slow down.

At Reliable Import Service, we’ll perform a thorough inspection of your rotors. We will measure the thickness, and if the rotors fall below the required specs, we will replace them for you. The old rotors will be recycled.

When To Replace Brake Rotors

Having accurate and powerful braking can be the difference between life and death.  It is vital for your brake rotors and brake pads to have routine checkups to make sure they are working at their top levels of performance.  There are a few signs to keep an eye out when it comes to worn down brake rotors, if you consistently feel a pulsating or wobbling sensation while you are braking this can be an indication that you need a brake rotor replacement.  When your brake pads rub against the brake rotor for an extended period of time this can wear the brake rotor down to cause it to be worn or warped.  The team at Reliable Import Service will analyze the current condition of your brake pads and brake rotors compared to what your car manufacturer recommends, and if need be will replace the components to provide you with a safe driving condition.

Each car manufacturer and every car model has a different regulatory standard for brake pads and brake rotors.  This means that we will analyze the current condition of your brake rotors and compare it to what the manufacturer recommends.  Depending on the make of car or the weight of the vehicle will change how large of a brake pad and brake rotor are required.  It is important to follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer in order to provide our customers with the safest possible driving condition.

Brake Rotor Replacement Cost

The brake rotor is the metal disc that works with the brake pad to slow your car down when you press the brakes, this make it one of the most important components of your car.  Any component that is involved in the braking process should be thought of as vital to your own personal safety while operating a vehicle.  This means there are certain standards that each manufacturer sets for each cars brake rotors.  Each make of car has different standards when it comes to how worn they can be before they must be replaced as well as the overall composition of the brake rotor.  In order to give an accurate for replacement costs of a brake rotor is it vital for our mechanics to inspect your brake rotor as well as figure out what standards are set by your car manufacturer.


Brake Hoses & Brake Lines

Are your brakes acting sluggish? It may be due to a damaged brake hose or brake line. Brake hoses are responsible for carrying pressurized brake fluid from your import vehicle’s master cylinder to the brakes. If you notice cracks in your brake hoses, the brake hose may need to be replaced. If left unattended, a damaged brake hose can lead to more serious issues, such as brake failure.

Brake Fluids/Brake Fluid Flushes

It is important to receive regular brake fluid flushes to prevent brake fluid corrosion and possible damage to your brake system. Over time, brake fluids absorb water from the air, which can cause your entire brake system to be less effective. At Reliable Import Service, we’ll be able to take a look and let you know whether it is time for a brake flush.

Anti-Lock Brake Systems

At Reliable Import Service, we proudly offer anti-lock brake system (ABS) repair and diagnosis. If you experience any issues with your ABS, schedule an appointment today!

Brake Caliper Replacement

Brake calipers play an important role as part of your vehicle’s overall brake system. Along with your brake pads, brake calipers act as a clamping device, which pushes or clamps against the rotor, effectively slowing and stopping the wheel from turning. If you notice that you begin to have difficulty slowing down your vehicle, it may be due to an issue related to your brake calipers. It is important to bring your import vehicle in if you notice this happening as brake caliber issues can result in serious/dangerous driving situations!


How do I know when my brakes need changing?

If you suspect your brakes are in need of repair, there are several warning signs that we recommend you keep an eye out for. These warning signs include but are not limited to: 

  • Weakened Braking Power
  • Squealing, Squeaking, or Metal-Against-Metal Sounds
  • Scraping, Wobbling, or Vibration When Trying To Stop Or Slow Down
  • Burning Smells While Driving
  • Leaking Fluid 
  • Brake Light On 
  • Soft and Spongy Brake Pedal 

Why is my brake light on?

Many import automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-BenzAudi, and Volkswagen come equipped with many sensors that send specific signals to internal computers (these computers are otherwise known as electronic control modules or ECMs). These computers, or ECMs monitor government-set standards and regulate several parts of your vehicle to maximize efficiency with the least amount of emissions possible. A few examples would be:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Brakes
  • Electrical Components 
  • And More

If your brake light is on, it is highly recommended to have an expert inspect your vehicle as soon as possible. Brake issues can result in dangerous outcomes such as vehicle-to-vehicle traffic accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more. Rather than risk the safety of many, take no chances! 

How much does brake repair cost?

Brake repair services can vary, depending on the vehicle that requires the service and which brake repair service is needed for your vehicle. We can provide estimates for brake services on vehicles but here are different factors that can contribute to figuring out costs associated with brake repair.

  • Vehicle Weight: Heavier vehicles such as SUV's are typically more expensive to replace brake pads for than sedans or coupes.
  • Vehicle Brand: Your vehicle manufacturer plays a role in determining how expensive those brand-specific parts are on your model.
  • Quality of Brake Pads: Different brands of brake pads offer different features that should be considered when choosing brake pads. For example, store brand aftermarket brake pads will be cheaper than premium brake pad brands. 


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