Like many other parts of your vehicle, your clutch can wear out over time, making it incredibly dangerous to drive. Don’t wait until this happens!

At Reliable Import Service, we offer top rated clutch replacement services throughout the Raleigh area. Whether your clutch needs to be repaired or replaced entirely, our team of ASE certified, professional auto mechanics will have your vehicle up and running in no time!

3 Signs You May Need Clutch Replacement In Raleigh

So, how do you know if your clutch is wearing out? When do you need to have your clutch replaced? Below, we take a look at some of the warning signs leading up to clutch repair and clutch replacement.

#1 – Your Clutch Keeps Slipping.

When driving a manual shift vehicle, your clutch should have no problem engaging or disengaging the different gears. However, if you notice your clutch starting to slip or lose power when performing basic tasks, such as accelerating or driving uphill, it may be a sign that your clutch is wearing out.

#2 – You Smell Burning Rubber (or a general, burning smell).

One of the telltale signs of a worn out clutch is the burning odor that occurs as the result of friction. If you smell this while driving, schedule an appointment with a certified automotive shop that specializes in clutch repair and replacement.

#3 – You Have Difficult Shifting Gears.

Often, when a clutch is worn out, you may experience difficulty or sticking when trying to shift gears. You may also notice that the clutch becomes increasingly difficult to depress while shifting gears.

Quality Clutch Installation in Raleigh

The above are just some of the symptoms that are indicative of clutch wear. Clutches wear out at different rates, depending on varying factors, ranging from the geography of the area in which you live to the way you drive your car. A certified automotive professional will be the only one who can tell you whether your clutch needs to be

If you’re ever unsure of whether or not your clutch needs to be replaced or repaired, you’re better off playing it safe versus sorry. Schedule an appointment with us today, and one of our auto technicians will be glad to talk it through with you and/or take a look at your vehicle.

For other auto repair services in Raleigh, trust the experts at Reliable Transport Service. We are a trusted leader in clutch repair and clutch replacement, and we regularly offer car repair coupons as well. Stop by our shop today, or feel free to give us a call!

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